Artist Registry

The Artist Registry showcases the artists of Long Beach.

Through this ongoing project, the Arts Council for Long Beach aims to connect the diverse range of Long Beach artists with their community, and help the community connect with the artists who make our city a more vibrant and expressive place to live.

Performing Artists

Performing artists use voices, bodies, or objects in relation to time and space to convey their artistic expression. Whether actors on a stage or musicians on a track, a large part of performing arts is a connection to the audience.

Literary Artists

Literary artists express themselves through language. Writers, prose or verse, explore the many facets of the human condition through the medium of words.

Folk & Traditional Artists

Folk and traditional artists are tradition-bearers. By sharing their practice with others, these artists and performers honor the art forms of their heritage, language, religion, occupation, or region.

Visual Artists

Visual artists use a variety of media create in multi-dimensional, auditory and digital forms. Whether through painting and drawing, installation, video and graphic art, visual artists bring new experiences to light and sound.