About Arts Council for Long Beach

Arts Council For Long Beach


ACLB was founded by the City of Long Beach in 1976 as the Public Corporation for the Arts, becoming a 501(c)(3) organization in 1982. ACLB is a dynamic organization that receives and distributes public funds, and also raises funds through private donations, foundations, corporations and contracts for services.



The Arts Council for Long Beach envisions a thriving Long Beach that benefits from universal access to and participation in the arts. 


The Arts Council for Long Beach cultivates the physical, social, and economic characteristics of Long Beach neighborhoods by nurturing and enlivening the arts.  We serve individuals, groups, and organizations through advocacy, arts education, public art, and grant making within the city of Long Beach.

We practice profound inclusion as a collaborator and convener for the benefit of all communities.


Equitable, Collaborative, Belonging, Inclusive, Diverse, Educational



ACLB strives to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors of the City of Long Beach through the cultivation of the arts by:

  • Promoting artists living in Long Beach
  • Uplifting communities to engage in arts and culture
  • Building connections between artists and audiences
  • Leading discussions about the role of arts in the community
  • Implementing outstanding arts education programs 
  • Cultivating unique opportunities for art to be shown and appreciated
  • Advocating for the arts sector in city, county, state and federal levels
  • Rewarding excellence in the arts through our annual and monthly grant programs
  • Transforming Long Beach through public art 



Meet Our Staff

Griselda Suárez

Executive Director

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext. 1673

"As an arts community, we are at a very exciting place. We have built an amazing relationship with the city. We’re really at a place where we can begin to show the strength we have in the arts and in the creative economy we have here in Long Beach.” - Griselda Suárez

Lisa DeSmidt

Director of Programs

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext: 1671

Laura Nelson

Office and Development Manager

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext: 1670

Judy Estrada

Marketing and Grants Manager

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext: 1672

Cynthia Luján

Director of Public Art

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext: 1674

Betty Rosen

Eye on Design Teaching Artist

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext: 1675

Anisah Ullah

Marketing and Grants Associate

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext: 1677

Sergio Alan Diaz

Public Art Associate

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext: 1676

Anthony Smyers

Development Associate

562.435.ARTS (2787) ext: 1678

For general inquiries email: info@artslb.org

For grant inquiries email: grants@artslb.org

For public art inquiries email: publicart@artslb.org

For arts learning inquiries email: artslearning@artslb.org

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Daniel Alvarado
Helene Ansel (Secretary)
Loara Cadavona
Marc Davidson
Sean Devereaux
Nicolassa Galvez
Tasha Hunter
Greg Johnson (Vice President)
Randel King (Treasurer)

Anne Lattime (Member-at-Large)
Chelsea McIntyre
James Nash
Lyn Pohlmann
Jocelynn Pryor
Jessica Quintana
Jayro Sandoval
Renee Simon
Sayon Syprasoeuth (Board President)
Brian Trimble (Past President)

Job Openings

The Arts Council does not currently have any employment opportunities.

Please visit our Jobs & Internships page for local opportunities in the arts.

Have questions about the Arts Council?

Please visit our contact page, email us at info@artslb.org, or call us at 562.435.ARTS (2787).

The Arts Council for Long Beach offices are located at 115 Pine Avenue, Suite 350, Long Beach, CA 90802.