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Eye on Design is a 15 week public art education program for third-graders that encourages civic involvement, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving through a customized residency program. Eye on Design guides students through the same process a public artist follows to develop a public art concept and seek an art commission. By the end of the 15 weeks, students have studied various forms of public art, researched their surrounding neighborhood and created a public art piece for their school. Eye on Design’s interdisciplinary approach incorporates language arts, history/social science and the visual arts. Students apply their learning to solve “real- life” problems and must actively utilize art theory, reading, writing, speaking, and math skills through the work they do. Eye on Design is a substantive and intricate program that empowers students to create positive change in their own community.

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 Herrera Elementary

Stevenson Elementary


Although facilitated by the Arts Council for Long Beach, the program’s success is grounded in the collective expertise and commitment of a host of hand-selected community partners. These partners work collaboratively with the Arts Council to present a balanced program built on each partners’ strengths. Over the past few years Eye on Design has partnered with some truly remarkable Long Beach organizations to provide students with a valuable and rewarding educational experience. Eye on Design community partners include: Rancho Los Cerritos, Long Beach Airport, Long Beach Transit, Port of Long Beach, University Art Museum, Aquarium of the Pacific and Long Beach Museum of Art.


Betty Rosen  


Betty Rosen is a social practice artist, community builder, and returning classroom TEACHING ARTIST In RESIDENCE for the LONG BEACH ARTS COUNCIL. She was instrumental in taking students from the previous design-only model to a mosaic practice where the Students are now able to collaboratively design and fabricate their mosaics. These one of a kind public artworks are then installed for their community to enjoy.

As a professional mosaic artist since 2000, she has spearheaded the design and implementation of murals in museums, public parks, domestic violence shelters, schools and public housing projects. Her private work is in collections nationwide.

Prior to that, she spent 20 odd years working in the entertainment industry in film production and as a music publisher in Los Angeles and Nashville, TN. She was co-founder of the non-profit FILM MUSIC WORKSHOP that united filmmakers, songwriters, and executives.

Her B Certified Company MOSAIC ALCHEMY is the synthesis and natural evolution of her work experience, entrepreneurial spirit and joy in sharing the creative process.



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