Yeltsin Penado

Filmmaker, Painter, Writer and Educator

Yeltsin Penado (b. 1990, Los Angeles, CA) studied Painting and Community Arts Engagement at Otis College of art and design (BFA, 2018). He lives and works in Long Beach, CA. He is inspired by philosophical narratives and their connection to historical events; Yeltsin explores their meaning in a contemporary setting through painting, writings, video, and sculpture. Yeltsin’s paintings investigate Natural pigment processes, dyes and fibers through research of ancient recipes and trade practices. Yeltsin’s writings are informed by digital media, video-gaming, architecture, nature and science-fiction; Yeltsin often produces digital and mechanical forms of art that are experimental and take utilize the human senses. Yeltsin’s videos and films are often narratives and performances that are overlapped, looped, projected and live streamed. Yeltsin utilizes 3D modeling, photography, video game engines, and video encoding software to capture improvised scenes and informal interactions with technology. Yeltsin’s sculptures are often installations that can only be experienced through sensory and immersive experiences that can be social or temporary.
Yeltsin prefers to work on multiple projects at once, and collaboratively.




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Yeltsin Penado

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Nostalgia of the Infinite (2018)
OBS, Found footage, Live Streams

Link to Nostalgia of the Infinite

Nostalgia of the Infinite

2019 OBS, Found footage, Live Streams (Wear Headphones) 2019 Nostalgia of The Infinite is painting by Giorgio de Chirico, finished in 1911. The painting depicts a large tower in the center of an open space inhabited by two faceless figures. The buildings in this painting are large geometric shapes that are adorned with Greco-Roman arches and columns.

Keyboard 3 (2020)
ASMR: Lubed Otemu Ice Purples, Krytox, Tai-hao ABS Keycaps, GK64%

Link to Keyboard 3

Building A Wooden Keyboard! GK64

Building a Custom Wooden Keyboard! Review Specs: GK64 PCB 64% Keyboard with arrow keys Tai-Hao Double Shot ABS Keycaps (pink and blue) Walnut Wood Case and PCB from YMDK Otemu Ice Purple Switches (Tactile-silent @ 62g) KRYTOX lube...

Peak (2017)
Found Footage: -Climbing Hillary Step on Everest -Everest Rescue -HD Go Pro Spacewalk -July Skywatching Portland -Landing on the moon: NASA -Mount Everest Crevasse -Mount Everest Helmet Camera -Mount Everest ICE FALL -Meditation from underwater

Link to Peak

Surface and Space (2017)
Cyanotype on dyed muslin

Insides (2018)
dyed fabric, hand sewed and filled with polyfil

TSM_TSM_ (2020)
3D Animation


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