The Found Theatre/Mid-World Players

Incisive, inclusive…and always a little bit subversive, The Found Theatre was established in Long Beach in 1974 by Cynthia Galles in order to provide the community with low-cost, intimate, quality alternative theatre with a social conscience and a sense of humor. In 2019 we partnered with The Mid-World Players to expand our company and our capabilities. Producing original work and promising new plays, the company is comprised of writers, actors, directors and technicians of all ages and backgrounds who share a desire to refine their craft, experiment, learn from each other, and grow as artists.


Contact Information

Virginia DeMoss
(562) 433-3363

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Artist Work

No Exit (2020)
Streaming production of "No Exit" by Mid-World Players at The Found Theatre

"One-Tit Wonder: How I Became The Patron Saint of Sideshow: (2004)
From Found founder Cynthia Galles' play "One Tit Wonder," about her experience with breast cancer.

Found Exterior (2020)
Theatre exterior showing comedy/tragedy medallions representing four main downtown ethnicities: Cambodian, African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian