My work is critical of the global commodification and the haphazard capitalism driving waste and polluting the environment, driving the globe towards catastrophic point of no return. Mine is a discourse on global climate change and the environmental issues of today, Aspiring to highlight issues and facilitate a greater civil discourse and awareness of such issues. My work seeks to inspire strategies useful to the public and to commercial entities in order to help return the natural environment to a stable, suitable, and livable place for all living beings. Using creative strategies that utilize the discarded to create beauty out of waste, displaying the beauty and potential of the discarded and unused materials created by global capitalism and commodification in order to bring a greater awareness and inspire new strategies for taking on climate change.



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Joseph Robertson
(714) 766-9400

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Artist Work

Cutting The Space (2018)
Cutting The Space is a massive 30"x30" fabric collage work that was installed in the center atrium/ walkway of the San Francisco Art Institute, This piece like Richard Serra's Tilted Arc, changed the way that people choose to move about and interact with the space, creating a kind of obstacle

Mr Blue Sky and Cookie Monster (2018)
View of a pair of fabric collage paintings, this couple was made together and always shown together, they are complete individual paintings but they have been married together in artistic matrimony.

Walking under water installation (still image documentation) (2018)
Image of installation that utilized light, sound, darkness and fabric, in order to create a feeling of walking under water.

Video (2018)
A multi-colored stroll through the endless and the unknown

pilgrims... by Joe

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