Felicia Cade

Poetry has the power to heal the world. It allows us to see and reshape the world within. As humanity is reshaped within it is also reshaped outwardly. My mission is to use poetry as a tool to help encouage, heal and uplift humanity. To be an advocate for social evolution by using my voice to speak up for social change and using poetry as a tool to help heal trauma, address difficulties in racial injustice and to inspire the next generation to use their voice to impact the world for the better.



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Felicia Cade
(562) 753-1729

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Artist Work

Published Book (2020)
Hallway Confessions is a collection of poems from a year journey throughout Europe, Ghana and France. It tells of heartbreak inspiration, and thought- provoking tales that bring you a little closer to you.

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Long Beach Underground Performance (2017)
Live Performance For Long Beach Underground.

Long Beach Underground Presents Felicia Cade

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Original Poem (2018)
Original Poem "Graveyard of Broken Hearts" By Felicia Cade

Spoken Word Poetry - Graveyard Of Broken Hearts By Felicia Cade

"Graveyard Of Broken Hearts" By Felicia Cade Long Beach CA Email: f19cheri@yahoo.com IG: risefelicia_speak

BYOB Feature Set (2021)
Live Performance From BYOB Poetry

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