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I am a local artist who started creating Art from a cheap canvas and acrylics that I bought from Ross. After my first experience creating art through acrylic painting, I quickly fell in love with it and been painting ever since. The positive feedback that I receive from friends and family keeps me motivated to continue creating and painting. I spend most of my free time exploring new ways to create techniques and ways in which I can make my art style a bit more unique. My art style is mostly abstract and textured art, but I can create other styles as well. My work is inspired by the breathtaking beauty of nature and the cosmos. My goal is to sell my paintings to be able to continue to create art, as it is a huge part of my life and I will love to continue doing it. I plan to create larger scale paintings to continue to challenge my abilities to create art. Art is what keeps my personal life balanced.


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Allan Alcantar

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Artist Work

Space Stream (2019)
Inspired by the beauty, complexity, and mysteries of the cosmos.

Chaotic universe (2019)
Inspired by the chaos and power of the universe.

Golden forest (2020)
I let my creativity take its own path and this was the result of it.

Link to Golden forest

Nostalgia (2018)
This painting was inspired by a trip that I did to Hawaii. The beauty of the beaches and sceneries all around the island was truly breathtaking and inspiring.

Link to Nostalgia