Jerry Rodriguez’ creativity ranges from vibrant watercolors, to inverted paintings, woodworking, string art, and beyond. No matter the medium, Jerry is best known for his heart-felt, thought provoking art. As a Dominican-American, child of immigrants, spiritually minded creator, Jerry pours his story into his work, hoping to combat the ignorance, injustice, and misguided religious zeal plaguing society. He has exhibited in Los Angeles’ former “Lab Art Gallery,” “Raw Artists,” various galas and non profit fundraisers in the U.S. and internationally.  The current president of Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina owns one of his beautiful and unique pieces.


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Jerry Rodriguez

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Artist Work

Handmade (2018)
Watercolor painting with pen creating a beautiful chaotic relationship between man and God.

Hope (2015)
Watercolor painting based on the hope that we cling to.

Rainy Day (2016)
This watercolor painting is about finding joy in the midst of your storm.

LA Skyline (2018)
Oil paints used vibrantly to bring out the beauty and dream of Los Angeles.