Lavelli is a creator. This broad statement has become the driving force behind his passion for digital technology and the art that takes breath from it. He seeks to explore the antipodes of consciousness and bring them to new points of awareness. This form of visual exploration is something that empowers his identity. His vision transcends boundaries that hinder the development of the ever evolving self. He seeks to unravel these complex aspects and unite them through a process known as syncretism.



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Von'Ricco Lane
(314) 914-4668

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Artist Work

No. 000000000 (2023)
An appropriation. Haptic technology is becoming the leading innovation in VR and interactive tech. Where is the energetic solidarity and how will it encompass the spirit of self.

No. 71 (2023)
An appropriation. Child abuse, silencing, and neglect. What can duct tape and simple fixes do in the conversation of such.

No. 61 (2016)
An appropriation. Where does the face, beauty, and the body and nature meld.

Cliche (2021)
A song exploring the youthful realization of nostalgic romance.

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