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Annalie Juan (b.1996) is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, photographer and social entrepreneur refining sustainable and scalable solutions for causes, cultures and communities.

Inspired by the interchange of culture in her hometown of Houston as well as the duality of growing up in an immigrant household, her work explores themes of multiplicity and cultural exchange, explored further in her BA studies of Spanish, English, and Multimedia Journalism at Loyola Marymount University.

Her most recent start-up was featured in Forbes, ComplexCon Long Beach and V Magazine and bridged community to wildlife conservation initiatives through designer art, content and experiences.



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Annalie Juan

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Artist Work

A Study of Culture (2018)
Capturing cultural crossroads in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Link to A Study of Culture

Divina (2019)
My piece What Are You? explores the double consciousness of the Mexican-American experience, photographed in Houston, Texas.

The Mandalao Conservation Project (2018)
I spent part of my 2018 summer in the country of Laos, working for Mandalao Elephant Conservation, where I interviewed elephant caretakers (mahouts) and locals, capturing wildlife and Lao culture through video, and photography and helped them raise over $16,000 for protection of wild elephants across Southeast Asia.

Link to The Mandalao Conservation Project

I spoke to an MS13 Member About Trump's Take on La Mara (2018)
Featured piece on DW-TV covering an ex gang member turned community leader.

Link to I spoke to an MS13 Member About Trump's Take on La Mara

Political Prisoner Turned Poet (2018)
Feature profile of Alicia Partnoy, one of Argentina's silenced political prisoners who turned her pain into poetry and enacted change in the courtrooms with her art.

Link to Political Prisoner Turned Poet

A Touch of Tres (2018)
Explored creative with poetry and features for Tres Rasche’s inaugural anniversary magazine. Interviewed Madisen Sowers (MadBadTing) and Sydney B (LilThugBaby), femme leaders of the groundbreaking culture shifting brand Tres Rasche.

Link to A Touch of Tres