Alepsis Hernandez

Alepsis Hernandez is a visual artist and muralist based in Long Beach, California. She has studied painting at Long Beach City College and printmaking at Xico Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Her work explores the lives of individuals in her community, using mostly artist friends as muses. She uses an achromatic or monochromatic palette to highlight personality attributes beyond what the eye can see. In her recent work, Hernandez explores the concept of fleeting moments. The drawings and paintings are reference pictures taken during late nights with friends and quality time with family. She uses graphite to explore the impermanence of these moments. In 2019, Hernandez collaborated with Los Angeles Metro to create a painting digitally displayed at stops along the Blue Line and TAP ride cards. The County of Los Angeles awarded her a Commendation Award for her participation in El Montes community mural project in 2021. Her past clients include Chevrolet, LA Galaxy, Nike and Private Sneakers. This year, she was selected to be an artist at a Nam Jam mural festival in Da Nang, Vietnam.



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Alepsis Hernandez

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Artist Work

Nina Roja (2022)
Mural for Long Beach Walls Mural Festival.

Dear Fire, I Love You (2024)

Who Cares (2023)