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Award winning emerging artist at 77 years old, documents and artistically captures the homeless throughout SoCal. I have no space available for other areas as your mind and soul gets over saturated with the realities of the homeless. These images need to be seen as awareness is key to our community success in solving the homeless problem. It is almost a 24/7 project plus I serve as an advocate (Housing is a Human Right OC) as part of an amazing team of 160+ compassionate people that give there all to make our world better. I learn so much from this group.My project is all about “How can we be better?” Our art galleries and museums have not been giving homelessness and poverty a big enough venue to shine the brightest light possible.



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David Freeman
(714) 746-5029

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Artist Work

Windows Gallery Huntington Beach I Am Somebody (2019)
Solo show representing moving and motivational photos and portraits of our homeless

I Am Somebody

Uploaded by Grant White Video Production on 2019-02-20.

Go Baby Go (2018)
First day on Skid Row just off a Greyhound from Bakersfield. No backpack, clothes or shoe laces. Now trying to find a new life.

Invisible People (2019)
Yes! Artists that are advocates and activists need a voice too.....

Link to Invisible People

Homeless in OC What are the Solutions (2018)
Art was featured at a forum in Orange County with the top experts speaking on homelessness. Over 60 photos displayed