Norma Haas Rosen

All of us humans are made as creative vessels, capable of capturing images, eclectic memory bits and combining these jigsaw pieces to create new objects or performances outside of ourselves. Daily we recycle thought and images collected from the world surrounding us. Like miners, we must delve deep to connect with the creative spark, the light thread that is strung from human to human across the oceans and continents of this world. While our ancestors bless us from above, moving ideas into tangible form make all of us connected.

In the creative process, the journey is as precious as the art that is constantly evolving. Revisiting, reworking and recycling from the past. It is the artist though, with faith and hope, dancing between fear and invention, toes and fingertips, that dares to make a determined statement.

Let the vision come, and the materials will follow. Whether hard or soft, steel or fabric, a pencil, a hammer or a clay coil they all mean the world to me. When I am in the forest, without even a sketchbook, I draw upon the earth beneath me with my toes. Art is for everyone, anytime.

Artist Work

Watts Towers Art Center way-finding monument (2016)
Mosaic. Campus way-finding monument at parking entrance. Completed April of 2016. Materials include new and recycled tile, broken china plates, pottery pieces, cast glass jewels, mirror shapes and mini porcelain tile squares recovered from a residential demolition of a 1942 pool during a private property rehab.

Teachings From the Forest (2017)
Ritual art, working with ritual healers in Nigeria. This piece was funded by The Art Council for Long Beach.

Teachings From The Forest

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Portrait of Chief Priest (1985)
The chief priest, whose personal name can be interpreted as "long hair from the spirit world" at the shrine of Eziza "the whirlwind," associated with medicinal animal and plant elements of the forest he is wearing ceremonial regalia made from cotton sack cloth that has been treated with herbal baths.

Sole Gardens (2016)
Registered Pollination Garden

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SAMA (2014)
Professional Member

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Watts Towers Link (2017)
Watts Towers Art Center Campus Artist in Residence

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