Sergio D. Robleto

Using the colors of a classic Long Beach sunset, Sergio D. Robleto represents community as four people cruising on a tandem bike. The back half of the group interacts with viewers and passersby as they wave and throw the peace sign. Each person is faceless allowing the viewer to mentally fill in their appearance, alluding to the multitude of people that call Long Beach home.



Type of Art

Year Completed

Council District




Accession Number


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Address 437 W. Willow St. (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.80457839188034, -118.19688691559826

Location Name Wrigley Coffee

Location DescriptionLocated on the west-facing wall of Wrigley Coffee

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

101, 103, 104, 181

Primary Materials

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Photo Credit(s): Sergio Alan Díaz

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