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The building located at 5818 N. Obispo is white wall measured at 48 ft. in length and 16 foot in height. Of all walls selected for the Creative Corridor Challenge, this site has the most layers of paint. The various layers have resulted from graffiti vandalism that has been place at the site for over 30 years. The property owners remain excited about the opportunity to have a mural at their site because of the impact that it will have on the presence of graffiti. The mural will also add a beauty to the corridor through making the site one of the few South St. locations in the district where a mural is placed. Outside of the beautification that the new design will bring to the corridor, it may also encourage mural placement at neighboring areas.


Type of Art

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Council District


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long beach, ca

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Councilman Rex Richardson 9th District

Address 640 E Coolidge St, Long Beach, CA 90805, USA, 33.874267, -118.185445

Location Name wall

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Additional materialsAcrylic Paint

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