Run, Skip, Jump Long Beach

Dog Knit Sweater

The C&C market is located at the northwest corner of Downey Ave. at 64th St. The property measures at 99 ft. in length and 14ft in height. This site is a total of 1,387 square feet. The market has a history of being marked with graffiti. At the site, you can find several different colors of paint that have been used to cover defacement markings. The different colors of paint vary between beige, brown, white, and pink. Unfortunately, the earlier responses to graffiti have left the wall in poor condition. The mural design by Dog-Knit Sweater will serve as an effective resolution toward eliminating graffiti vandalism in a method that is aesthetically pleasing to the local community. The project will not only transform the site in question, but will also add vibrancy to Downey Avenue.



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Councilman Rex Richardson 9th District

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Run, Skip, Jump Long Beach



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Address 3481 East 64th Street Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.871295,-118.151657

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