Roller Skater Daija Marie Moss

Tracy Negrete

I chose a local roller skater for my piece. She is thinking of a brighter day while feeling free and having fun. They call Long Beach “Skate City,” the home of many roller skaters and skateboarders. During this pandemic, the community searched for ways to stay active, and roller skating was a great way to do that while social distancing at the same time. It’s a great form of expression and a great way to release stress, especially during this trying time.

My passion is creating public art, working and collaborating with communities and inspiring them through art, which is the key reason why I create.



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Roller Skater Daija Marie Moss



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Address 4100 Donald Douglas Drive, Long Beach, CA, USA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.81801, -118.14496

Location Name Long Beach Airport

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