Out of Sight

Merge Conceptual Design

Photo-embossed glass canopy, concrete benches with inscribed poetry, Out of Sight consists of a stunning glass canopy and concrete benches. The translucent glass panels slanted to depict a photo image of a willow tree in the south direction, and a photo image of the web of catenary wires that power the rail system as seen from the north direction. The double-faced artwork conjures analogies between nature, the natural canopy of willows, and the man-made, urban canopy of catenary wires. Two concrete benches with poetic text alluding to the experience of travel and the history of the site were installed under and near the canopy. Merge was also inspired by the experiences of looking out a train window while in transport, watching the passing landscape and observing an object from far away, seeing it get closer, then for a moment seeing a frontal image before it finally disappears out of sight. Through the special structure of the canopy only one fragmented photo image can be seen from either platform direction. There is one point when one image becomes perfectly perceivable. Beyond this point the second photo image comes into view. Underneath the canopy, both images are equally in view although stretched and distorted. Artist Statement: “We were interested in an artwork with a strong conceptual component as well as a functional application. Waiting for transportation is a universal state of mind. Our work plays with illusion, light and poetry. The artwork narration is not necessarily literal but is tied to this specific site.”


Additional Artist Details Collective founded by Franka Diehnelt and Claudia Reisenberger

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Address 2750 American Avenue Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.807894, -118.190585

Location Name Metro Blue Line Willow Station

Location DescriptionLocated at the station platform

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes


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