Northern Prominence

The location is composed of two walls that are adjacent to one another. 541 E. Artesia is owned by US Storage and 555 E. Artesia is home to the Golden State Humane Society. The two properties measure at a total of 330 Ft. in length and between 10 and 14ft. in height. The back wall of the Golden State Humane Society stands at 130 ft. while the US Storage facility is 200 ft. long. Given their size and visibility, the sites have been a constant target for graffiti artist. The mural placed by Artist “Guillermo Avalos” emphasizes Long Beach’s infrastructure as well as the presence of youth in the community. The mural will be of importance to the community as well as the business owners because it will bring attention to their sight, which hopefully will increase the amount of people that visit the area. Mr. Avalos was joined by youth from local middle schools, Jordan Plus Students, the Jordan High School WRAP program, and other community volunteers.


Type of Art

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Councilman Rex Richardson 9th District

Address 555 E Artesia Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805, USA, 33.874704, -118.187397

Dimensions330ft x 14ft

Primary Materials

Additional materialsAcrylic Paint

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