Human Nature

Meeson Pae Yang, Karen Reitzel, Elizabeth Wild, James Thegerstrom, & Heather Scholl

Meeson Pae Yang’s installation, Traverse, was located at 5661 Atlantic Avenue. The installation transformed a vacant store into a fantastical ecosystem of synthetic materials that reinvented the natural world.

Karen Reitzel’s installation, A Petal Pops, was located at 5618 Atlantic Avenue. The exhibition was a large-scale depiction of the common popcorn flower. As viewers moved past the piece, the image of the flowering plant shifted into shadow.

Elizabeth Wild’s installation, A Few Moments in the Day of a Pigeon, was located at 5645 Atlantic Avenue. The installation was a celebration of the subtle beauty of ordinary creatures. The photos were enlarged to cover the building’s windows and at night were backlit to illuminate the corridor.

James Thegerstrom and Heather Scholl’s installation, Deep and Wide, was located at 635 South Street. The installation was a photo documentation that had been fractured to create a mosaic mobile.

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Address 5619 Atlantic Avenue | 5645 Atlantic Avenue | 5661 Atlantic Avenue | 635 South Street | Long Beach, CA (get directions)

Location DescriptionVarious locations along Atlantic Avenue and South Street

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Additional materialsMixed media

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