The mural site where Marcel will place his artwork is located at the northeast corner of Artesia and Walnut. It includes the Quality Thrift Store on the right corner and a vacant space on the left side. The wall space inside of the parking lot measures at 95 ft. in length and 13 foot in height. The area is frequently blighted with graffiti. The presence of graffiti is indicated through the multiple layers of different color paint found at the site. The mural placement will improve the area through preventing the placement of graffiti while operating to make it aesthetically more pleasing to residents and other individuals in the area. This mural is intended to be a part of the new renovations that the property owner has in mind for the site.


Type of Art

Year Completed


Council District


Public Art Collections



Primary Artist

Artist Location

Los Angeles, CA

Commissioned By



Funded By

Councilman Rex Richardson 9th District

Address 1639 E Artesia Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90805, USA, 33.874877, -118.172658

Dimensions95 ft x 13 ft

Primary Materials

Additional materialsAcrylic Paint

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