Corona Transformed

Diane McLeod

My artwork, Corona Transformed, provides uplifting and hopeful messages related to the pandemic. My piece began in a spontaneous and intuitive way. I whimsically printed a small flower from an old wreath. Printed, it resembled the coronavirus, and at the same time, it resembled a flower head. From death and destruction something beautiful and transformed can be born.

From the destructive effects of the virus emerged a garden of hope, a blossoming of new life. Our shared humanity is reinforced by the shared consequences of this deadly disease – the closing of businesses, the loss of life and the loss of our former ways of life. Our humanity also shares at heart, qualities of hope and the desire to believe something good comes out of the worst of conditions, tragedy transformed into renewed life.


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Corona Transformed



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Address 4100 Donald Douglas Drive, Long Beach, CA, USA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.81796, -118.14465

Location Name Long Beach Airport

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