California Heights

Art Mortimer

This vibrant 12 x 46 foot mural depicts this thriving California Heights neighborhood at the Turn of the 20th Century. Mortimer, who is collaborating with the California Heights Neighborhood Association, recruited local elementary and high school students to assist with plotting and painting the mural. The mural depicts the rich agricultural heritage and ethnically diverse residents of this Long Beach community and marks the entrance to the California Heights historic district.



Additional Artist Details Contributing Artists: Hoang Pham; Assisted by 10 Youth Assistants

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Funding Source(s)

Through its Model Projects grants program, the Arts Council awarded funds in the amount of $4,500 for the project to the Mural Arts Program operated by the Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine. ALSO FUNDED BY: DCC, DPRM, PCA, & The California Heights Neighborhood Association

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California Heights



Address 3414 Orange Avenue Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.819213, -118.176663

Location Name Machinery Journal

Location DescriptionSouth-facing all on the right side of the building

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

Dimensions12' x 46'

Primary Materials

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Additional materialsANC and ANC Golden Varnish UV coating

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