A Life of Possibilities

Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips will be working at 1639 E. South St. The selected site is known for being marked with graffiti. The property owner and tenants from have expressed frustration for having to cover up graffiti markings with layers of paint. Katie’s artwork is beneficial to the site because it helps to abate graffiti as well as add beauty to this area of North Long Beach. Her mural will express North Long Beach’s culture that is related to elements of youth and diversity. The mural’s presence will activate South St. through vibrant color and beautification. ‘A life of possibilities’ mural Local artist: Katie Phillips was painted in conjunction with Vice Mayor Rex Richardson’s ‘Creative Corridor Challenge’ in the 9th district. An effort to beautify the areas graffiti problem areas. Phillips painted the mural in her unique signature stained glass style. The mural is vibrant and energetic and depicts a diverse group of happy children. The artist was inspired by the communities young people, it represents all the choices and chances children have to shine as they grow into adulthood.


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Councilman Rex Richardson 9th District

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A Life of Possibilities



Address 1639 East South Street Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.860252,-118.172628

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Primary Materials

Additional materialsAcrylic Paint

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