Ernest Zacharevic

Part of Long Beach Walls (FKA POW! WOW! Long Beach) 2016, Lithuanian born artist Ernest Zacharevic has been described as Malaysia’s Banksy. The artist’s mural is on a tall five-story apartment building with windows on every floor. The subject of the mural is a young boy maximized to the size of the building. The subject reaches the top of the building and is caught in the act of peeping through a window. The boy’s curiosity interacts with the urban landscape and design of the building. In addition to the building’s windows, Zacharevic painted additional reproductions of the windows already there. He strategically painted the shadows on the mural to coincide with the evening hours of 5:00-7:00 pm.



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Business Improvement District

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Address 419 East 6th Street Long Beach, CA (get directions)

Location Name Frontenac Court

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

91, 92, 93, 94

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Photo Credit(s): Long Beach Walls

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