123 Klan + OG Slick

French Canadian street artists, 123KLAN and Hawaiian street artist SLICK were chosen to paint a mural for Long Beach Walls (FKA POW! WOW! Long Beach) 2016 Street art festival. The collaboration of street artists showcased their different graffiti styles into one harmonious mural. The 123 KLAN is known for their graphic style and pop art influence. The mural features thick graphic outlined characters reminiscent of popular cartoons and North American school mascots. Together, they created a massive mural that references western media overstimulation. SLICK incorporated his original logos such as the mickey mouse hands. Illustrated are words like “Liberty”, “Fresh”, and artist signatures: SLICK, COOK, SCIEN, KLOR & AIIK.


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Business Improvement District

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Address 437 Alamitos Avenue Long Beach, CA (get directions)

Location Name Liberty Gallery

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

71, 151

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Photo Credit(s): Long Beach Walls

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