Gregory Navarro Pickens

Local artist Greg Navarro Pickens designed the West Gateway Mural, a collaborative effort made possible by the RDA, Lyon Realty Advisors and the Arts Council for Long Beach. The mural was painted on an 11,000-square-foot wall around the Lyon gallery421 construction site, encompassing an entire city block bounded by Broadway, Magnolia Avenue, 3rd Street and Chestnut Avenue.
Representing themes from nature, such as the four seasons, plant/animal growth and human transformation, the mural was created by four artists, 15 student apprentices and more than 22 volunteers.


Additional Artist Details Contributing Artists: Steve Elicker, David Parsons, Heather Soodak; Assisted by student apprentices and volunteers

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Year Completed

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Business Improvement District

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Address 421 West Broadway Long Beach, CA (get directions)

Location Name The Collaborative

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

151, 181, 191, 192

Dimensions11,000 sq. ft

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