The Train Has Left the Station

Patrick Vogel

The Train Has Left the Station memorializes the importance of trains in the development of Long Beach. The sculpture is a replica of the front end of a Red Car train that ran from Long Beach to Los Angeles until 1961. It is located in the recently expanded Orizaba Park on the former Pacific Electric Right-of-Way that bisects the park. A walkway that follows the old rail line leads into the sculpture, giving the effect that the train is riding down the tracks. The sculpture stands 14’H x 10’W x 3’D. Made of 3/16” steel, the sculpture and its cattle catcher weigh nearly 11,000 pounds. A sculptor and metal fabricator, Patrick Vogel created the sculpture using photographs of an actual Long Beach Red Car.



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The Train Has Left the Station



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Address 1435 Orizaba Avenue Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.78534, -118.15802

Location Name Orizaba Park

Location DescriptionLocated on E Spaulding Street in the middle of the north side of the park

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

45, 46

Dimensions14 ft x 10 ft x 3 ft

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