The Marlin

John Brough Miller

Known for his immense and abstract steel sculptures in the public art world, John Brough Miller created ‘Marlin’ a 29′ steel sculpture located in the Civic Center of Long Beach. The sculpture is made up of three dimensional shapes that are balanced and stacked upon each other in an abstract fashion. The tall distorted sharp triangle curves organically to represent the Marlin fishes unique pointy snout. A conscious move to raise public awareness for ocean conservation. Abstract art offers a unique window to the viewer that does not represent the world as it appears but rather as the artist sees it.



Type of Art

Year Completed

Council District




Commissioned By

Business Improvement District

Accession Number


Address 355 West Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.768224, -118.195328

Location Name Long Beach Civic Center

Location DescriptionLocated between the Library and City Hall tower

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

Dimensions29 ft.

Primary Materials

Additional materialsSteel

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