The Cape, the Bay and the Clouds of Magellan

A series of asymmetric anodized aluminum and porcelain enamel panels and a tile mosaic form the artist’s interpretation of the global economy, past and present. The circular mosaic’s panels feature a variety of images. One includes a silhouette of sailors steering a boat through rough waters. Another depicts a silhouette of boxer Jack Dempsey, reminding us of his unbridled striving toward professionalism and profit. Adjacent panels exemplify the spice trade through images of pepper and clove plants, while drawings of Japanese warriors represent cultural independence amidst internationalism. The central image of a couple dancing to tango instructions reflects discipline and ease in creating a balanced partnership. The thoughtful inclusion of a bench allows the viewer to contemplate the artwork, and features a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes calling for free trade and a competitive market.


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March 1994

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Savannah, GA (formerly from Long Beach, CA)

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Mutual of New York (MONY). The project was underway before the Percent for Public Art Program was adopted by the RDA.

The Cape, the Bay and the Clouds of Magellan



Address 100 Oceangate Long Beach, CA, 33.7668357, -118.1989539

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