Typical Activities of a Beach and Harbor City (AKA Recreation in Long Beach)

Various Artists

The glazed tile mosaic mural measures 38 ft in height by 22 ft wide and was officially titled “Typical Activities of a Beach and Harbor City.” It was completed in 1938 with funding from the WPA Federal Art Project through the Southern California Arts Program (SCAP). Sixty artists worked on the texturized mosaic, laying pieces at a warehouse in L.A. The pieces were then installed in sections on the arched upper story facade of the Municipal Auditorium (erected in 1932), facing north. When this structure was razed in 1975, the mosaic was saved and stored by a community effort* and installed at its current location on the south side of the City Place parking structure in 1982. The site was commemorated as Harvey Milk Promenade Park in 2013. *In 1969, as the impending demolition became public, the first organization to seek to save the Mosaic Mural was the Long Beach Municipal Arts Commission, a precursor to the Arts Council of Long Beach.



Additional Artist Details Albert Henry King, Henry Allen Nord, Louisa Etcheverry, Stanton Macdonald-Wright

Type of Art

Council District

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Commissioned By


Funding Source(s)

WPA Federal Art Project (WPA-FAP)

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Typical Activities of a Beach and Harbor City (AKA Recreation in Long Beach)



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Address 185 East 3rd Street Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.770524, -118.191084

Location Name Originally: Installed in Long Beach Municipal Auditorium. After: South side of the City Place parking (1982). Now known as: Harvey Milk Promenade Park (2013).

Location DescriptionHarvey Milk Park

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

51, 52

Dimensions22 ft x 38 ft

Primary Materials

Additional materialsGlazed Tile

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