One Love

"The Art of Chase" Chase Erachi

Located in the alley on 1st and North Frontenac, Belgian street artist, Chase Erachi’s minimalistic mural depicts a symbol of love as two hands join together to form a heart. The outlined hands frame an image of numerous round, red colored eyes looking back at its viewer. For the artist, the eye is a symbol for awareness and the mural evokes a psychedelic and mystical mood. Perhaps, the mural forces the viewer to be present, exam oneself and his or her surroundings. The artist’s unique painting style of using bold colors and thick clean lines is influenced by graffiti street art and skateboarding culture.


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Business Improvement District

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Address 99 North Frontenac Court Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.767948,-118.187060

Location Name A1s Livescan Fingerprinting and Photography

Location DescriptionLocated in the alley adjacent to the 1st Street Facade Improvement Project

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

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