Mariposa de Barrio

Trinidad (Mikey) Rivera

This mural entitled Mariposa de Barrio is a memorial for singer/songwriter/actress Jenni Rivera by artist Trinidad (Mikey) Rivera. The mural depicts Jenni Rivera in glittering black clothing, holding a microphone. To the right of the portrait is her birth and death date, followed by a description of her life and her nickname “Mariposa de Barrio,” with a Monarch Butterfly underneath the text. The rest of the125-foot-long piece includes her nickname “Mariposa de Barrio,” several portraits of Jenni, Mexican folklorico dancers, a Mariachi band, the Queen Mary, and a classic car.



Additional Artist Details Sergio Ramirez, Daniel Antelo, Ian Robertson-Salt, Esaul Romo, Carlos Almendarez, & George Navarro

Type of Art

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Mariposa de Barrio



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Address 2001 Walnut Ave. (get directions)

Location Name Jenni Rivera Memorial Park

Location DescriptionLocated on Orange Avenue and Hill Street

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes


Dimensions125' x 10'

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