Barbara McCarren

The artists have used this 13-acre urban park to celebrate Chavez’s efforts to create better working conditions for farm workers. Through an interactive landscape, the artists have playfully placed a circular maze next to the park’s swings and slides. The puzzle begins on the floor of the park’s community center, which features recessed brass and steel images of a fish and an ear of corn. Visitors are then drawn into concentric pathways which are inscribed with prose from Pablo Neruda, Theodore Roethke, Joy Harjo, Booker T. Washington and Ernesto Galarza, with corresponding pictograms representing plants, animals and the sun. At the center of the maze is an olive tree, symbolizing an important food source as well as peace. A series of benches form a ring around the maze. A porcelain enamel tile of a colorful Mexican “Loteria” card is on the back of each bench, with images including a melon, a heart and a shrimp.



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City of Long Beach; Initial concept design fee was funded by the PCA’s public art fund. The City provided design development, fabrication and administration costs. The PCA invited 7 artists to submit qualifications. Two artist teams were short listed and invited to develop proposals for the project. A panel comprised of representatives from the City, the RJM design group, the MTA Metro Art Program and the City’s neighborhood taskforce selected the final team.

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Address 401 Golden Avenue Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.77272, -118.20238

Location Name Cesar E. Chavez Park

Location DescriptionLocated on Golden Avenue at 5th Street

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