This project was a monumental light sculpture projecting more than 650′ into the night sky, which created a beacon for Downtown. Four high-intensity xenon lamps projected from the Landmark Square rooftop and converged to create a pyramid of light. The artist illuminated the major facades of the Landmark Building with halogen lights and the penthouse level with a gradation of fluorescents to provide the high-rise with a powerful nighttime identity.

Type of Art

Year Completed


Completion/Dedication Details

1991 - 2007

Council District



Primary Artist

Artist Location

Venice, CA

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Commissioned By

, ,



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Funded By

Cushman Investment and Development Corp. The Landmark Square development project was underway before the Percent for Public Art Program was adopted by the RDA. The developer voluntarily agreed to participate in the program.

Address 111 West Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, CA, 33.7675142, -118.1931156

Location Name Landmark Square

Location DescriptionOn top of the Landmark Square rooftop

Dimensions650 ft. (light projection)

Primary Materials

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