Lobby of the Floating Ceilings

Craig Cree Stone

At the foot of the entrance, the shadows of Oscar and Harriet Krinsky, the owners of the Krinsky building, greet everyone who walks through the doors. Stone transformed the modestly sized lobby into a room of illusion using architectural elements, lights and mirrors. The decorative classical columns along the wall gradually become smaller, providing a sense of depth. Only half of the column is used, so that they are almost attached to the wall. At the end of the lobby, facing the door is an inscription “Art is Long” in Latin. “Architect” and “Developer” are separately etched onto stone counters on either side of the wall. The slightly vaulted ceiling that is whimsically painted bluish silver appears much higher because of the lighting and the mirrors. Across from the elevator, behind plexiglass, is a portion of one of the original pillars, sand and other objects. The shadows of the architect and artist are engaged in a conversation at the foot of the elevator. Stone reminds us that “Life is Short,” which is inscribed in Latin above the door.



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Oscar and Harriet Krinsky

Business Improvement District

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Lobby of the Floating Ceilings



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Address 140 Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.76883, -118.19232

Location Name The Krinsky Building

Location DescriptionAt the foot of the lobby entrance

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

51, 52

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