Joe C. Nicholson

Long Beach Transit wanted to mark a ‘visible place or space’ (a transit node) at a key intersection in downtown Long Beach to indicate where a confluence of transit modalities come together: train, cab, city bus, car (parking) and tour bus. In addition, the project needed to create a ‘gateway’ into Long Beach’s commercial district from the Embarcadero and the Convention Center. A laserlight ‘bridge’ forms a ‘ lighted ceiling’ for the sculpture as it completes the color-light image of the digitally-programmed LED light sculpture.



Type of Art

Council District

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Business Improvement District

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Address 1 Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA (get directions)

Location Name Pine Square

Location DescriptionLocated on Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

21, 22, 61, 121

Primary Materials

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Additional materials(6 vertical pylons) Materials: Painted steel, painted aluminum, laminated glass, digital controllers, RGB LEDs and Lasers Sizes: 2’- 3” (W) X 4’- 6” (D) X 34’- 0” (H)

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