Kulture Komet

Patrick Mohr

Perforated, anodized aluminum panels and mysterious spheres form a “kultural” galaxy above the front entrance to the former headquarters of the Public Corporation for the Arts (dba Arts Council for Long Beach). An architectural sculpture integrated into the building’s entryway, Kulture Komet embodies the artist’s vision of “worlds apart come together through the arts.” This “mythological spiral galaxy” comprises mysterious “planets” in polychrome anodized aluminum, copper and other materials and anodized aluminum panels perforated with designs inspired by geometric fabrics, tools and symbolic images associated with different cultural groups from Lakota (American Indian) to Cambodian. With its various components and vivid color palette of blue, red, yellow and silver, Kulture Komet represents a “galaxy influenced by the invisible forces of nature, culture and the universe.”



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Business Improvement District

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Address 434 East Broadway Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.76916, -118.18673

Location Name Former PCA offices, East Village Arts District

Location DescriptionExterior facade of building

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

111, 112

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