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Cynthia Lujan

Cynthia Lujan’s mural stretches a city block along the 250-foot wall of the parking structure located adjacent to Harvey Milk Park in Downtown Long Beach. Her Long Beach Walls (FKA POW! WOW! Long Beach) mural, like many of her pieces, are centered around transportation through public spaces. Public signage silhouettes of people riding on skateboards, riding bikes, using a wheelchair and walking all make appearances through a series of backgrounds featuring different color schemes and patterns of arrows. Lujan also says that the mural serves more specifically as a commemorative piece dedicated to traffic collision victims featuring silhouettes of passerbys & lilies.



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Get Home Safe



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Address 51 East 3rd Street Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.771026, -118.191774

Location Name Parking Structure C at Harvey Milk Promenade Park

Location DescriptionInside parking structure on interior west wall

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

51, 52

Dimensions250 ft x 10 ft

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Photo Credit(s): Jose Cordon

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