Terry Braunstein

The fabricated tiles are in groups of hands, figures, and art historical images gesturing in the direction of the 6th Street Blue Line Metro Station. These groups of tiles in “motion” are culled from different time periods, representing different cultures. They are connected via a “blue line” of fabricated tiles that, when joined together, create a visual dialogue about non-verbal communication, speech, and gesture, while simultaneously showing the way to the crosswalks at Long Beach Boulevard.



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Address Long Beach / 6th, Downtown (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.77386609546, -118.18955401394037

Location Name Long Beach Transit Station

Location DescriptionSouthwest bus stop at intersection of Long Beach Blvd. and 6th St.

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

1, 46, 51

Dimensions12" x 12" each tile

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