Craftsman Village Mural

Craftsman Village Mural: April 2007, Long Beach CA, acrylic on stucco, 15 x 65 ft.. A travel poster and luggage stickers about this Historic District in Long Beach are arrayed along the wall on this busy corner. They present this neighborhood as a wonderful place to visit. Budget: $25,000. >>>This mural celebrates the Craftsman Village Historic District in Long Beach, CA. This neighborhood of mostly Craftsman-style homes had been quite run down, but recently residents have been working to improve the neighborhood and have received the “Historic District” designation from the City. >>>The mural presents the neighborhood as a place that is so attractive that it is visited by tourists. The mural depicts, in the center, a large travel poster for the whole neighborhood. Arranged on either side of the poster are a series of luggage stickers — one for each street within the district. Each element depicts something relevant to that particular street, whether historic or contemporary. >>> This is the view from the right end of the mural. The Hellman Street sticker depicts Mr. Isaias Hellman, a banker and developer who first subdivided the larger tract the neighborhood is a part of, and for whom that street is named.


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April 2007

Council District



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Santa Monica, CA

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Contributing Artists: Jose Loza and Tyler N. Thys; Assisted by Youth Assistants: Hilario Avena, Alex Ekhoff and Charles Fletcher

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Craftsman Village Mural



Address 1201 East 7th Street Long Beach, CA, 33.7755489, -118.1761896

Location Name H&R Block

Location DescriptionLocated by Orange Avenue, facing west

Dimensions15 ft x 65 ft

Primary Materials

Additional materialsANC and ANC Exterior Varnish #216

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