Aqua Towers

Andrew Leicester

The theme of this artwork is based on aspects of Long Beach’s beach culture and history as a seaside resort. The figures atop each building are representative of beach life. Bruce, the male figure on the west tower, is standing on a surfboard and is literally parting the waves as he surfs, while Phoebe, on the east tower, is emerging from a clam, holding a beach ball. She was inspired from a figure in a 1920’s brochure touting Long Beach as a seaside resort to vacationing Midwesterners, while the clam she is emerging from represents Long Beach’s early claim to fame for the quality of its clam harvests. The two figures also take inspiration from Greek mythology: Bruce as Zeus and Phoebe as Aphrodite. The seaside theme is further reflected in the ocean swimmers depicted throughout the community’s privacy fencing as well as the community light fixtures that are inspired by Phoebe. The films of Busby Berkeley inspired the Wave Dance Canopy at the entry to each tower.



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Address 388 East Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, CA (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.76624, -118.1876

Location Name Aqua Towers

Location DescriptionLocated on top of the towers

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

21, 22, 23, 61, 71, 121

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