Angel Train

Patrick Mohr

Patrick Mohr’s Angel Train is a metaphor for the spiritual journey we all take during the course of our lives, merging the architectural past of downtown Long Beach and the journey of the commuter with the invisible poetic world of fantasy. Mohr’s design includes an idealized train and an imaginary conversation between two children of different cultural backgrounds. The children are engaged in a dialogue about a journey they are about to take, and metaphorically, about the stages of life we pass through as we make our way in the world. Underlying the dialogue is the assumption that we begin our journey through life with the loving protection of our guardian angels; we realize when we arrive at our appointed destination that we savor the rewards of personal victory over the bumpy path of life.

Patrick has said that, “To be selected as an artist to do an MTA project is an exciting opportunity, especially because I feel that public art holds a special place for all communities and the art world. I feel that programs like the MTA’s Metro Art are necessary if we are to create a human environment with special places for people to gather and share their thoughts and experiences.”



Type of Art

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Council District




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Business Improvement District

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Address 128 W. 1st St. (get directions)

GPS Coordinates 33.76804308618431, -118.19296820420142

Location Name Downtown Long Beach Station (formerly Transit Mall Station)

Location DescriptionLocated on station platform

Long Beach Transit Bus Routes

1, 171, 181, 182

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