We are excited to feature Slobodan Dimitrov as this week’s Port PHOTO Alumni feature! Slobodan’s photography documents cultural and occupational life. In many of his projects, he has found that in the minutia of everyday life there are elements of the monumental which are readily accessible photographically, and more importantly, recognizable by a vast majority of the viewing public. One such undertaking is the Long Beach Blues Project. It is a visual narrative on how occupational culture is portrayed through music. As Long Beach became a military transit point during WWII, as a Navy town, the Blues, as a music genre, became one of its legacies. The images shown here, are from the Parking Lot Portrait series, one facet of the Blues Project, where musicians gather before, between, and after sets, and engage in dialogue with each other.

Like and follow Slobodan’s work on the following sites:

Facebook:Long Beach Blues Project – https://www.facebook.com/groups/longbeachblues

The Parking Lot Portrait Series – https://www.facebook.com/The-Parking-Lot-Portrait-Series-163112800455755

Website: http://sdimitrovphoto.com/

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