This week we are excited to put the spotlight on Raquel Landworth-Kleinhenz as our Port PHOTO Alumni feature! Raquel is a local artist who specializes in portrait, event, and fine art photography. Her talent is capturing unique moments of human interaction and bringing them to life in her portraiture. Her fine art photography spans from abstract, to all forms of the natural world. Raquel’s love for travel and learning about other cultures has taken her into the world of photojournalism where she has traveled to other countries with humanitarian organizations to document medical procedures and the people who receive them, raising awareness of their critical needs.

Raquel has lived in Belmont Heights since 1990, and her work has been in galleries and photography shows from Laguna Beach to Long Beach including the Port of Long Beach gallery show, BC Space Gallery Laguna Beach, The Art and Architecture Walk events in Belmont Heights, Arts Council for Long Beach, and Belmont Heights Art association sponsored gallery shows. Raquel shares that, “The notion that we can freeze a certain feeling or human emotion in time has always captivated me and compelled me to create that sense through the imagery of photography, whether it be the human form, inanimate objects, or elements in nature.”

Like and follow Raquel’s work on the following site: