We are happy to announce that this week’s Port PHOTO Alumni feature is Jose Cordon! Jose is a street photographer based out of Long Beach, CA honing on industrialism and the makeup of the city for the foundations of his projects. Chance plays an important role in Jose’s work as a street photographer having him seek out the daily, ephemeral moments of life. Photojournalist jobs have set him apart from other photographers as he captures fleeting moments making sure they last forever.

Not only is Jose this week’s featured alumni, he is also a featured panelist in this month’s PhotoWorks workshop, “Career Panel: Knowing Your Profession”. The workshop will cover various career pathways in photography as well as styles and themes present in Jose’s work while in conversation with more featured photographers. Keep your eyes peeled for that video!

Like and follow his work on the following sites:

Website: www.deadendbrigade.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hosai.kordon