Music Tastes Good:

Radiolistener is a band formed in tribute to a world renowned and much loved Long Beach local Ikey Owens.  His inspiration, and influence in the Long Beach music scene still echo sweet melodies in remembrance of such a giving soul.

Asi Fui is another local favorite that will send you on a psychedelic seaside journey.  Who knew Long Beach local muralist Baked Papaya has a voice that matches her art, beautiful.

Blcknoise is a hometown duo we are excited to see.  The groups soulful voices paired with percussion punch will surely entice your taste buds.  Their futuristic R&B vibe will flow flawlessly with Long Beach’s cool ocean breezes.

Forest of Tongue is a 3 man crew which you may have seen at 4th Street Vine.  This group is well known in the Long Beach music scene for their talents and noteworthy performances.

According to Maunel the Band “It all started in Long Beach”.  An awesome indie rock group from an equally awesome city (slight hint of personal bias).  A tasty 6 piece band that includes a trumpeter and saxophonist, because they’re extra, like guacamole!

The Fling reminiscent of 60’s psych-surf rock melodies combined with grungy garage band vibes will be a sweet treat.  With 3 of their members sprinkling vocals on tracks you’ll want to stay and taste them all.


Food Sounds Good:

Chef Aliye Aydin with A Good Carrot is a natural foods chef that offers individual meal plans that inspire you to eat a home cooked meal.

Chef Arthur Gonzalez owner of Roe Seafood on 2nd St. in Belmont Shore.

Dina Amadril owner of Long Beach creamery will be there satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dawna Bass owner of Under the Sun will be at MTG with her raw vegan fare.

Executive Chef Jason Witzl serves up delicious Southern Italian cuisine at Ellie’s Long Beach.


Art Looks Good:

Nicolassa Galvez, Festival Art Coordinator

Josh’s Mixtape by Jonelle Holden and Corey Wolford

Rock Altar by C.Dolim

Fine Scribbler by Copeland Holt

Live with Good Fortune by Bodeck Hernandez and Joon the Goon

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