Last week, Mayor Robert Garcia held the annual Go Long Beach Awards, where he honored some bright stars in Long Beach who are doing incredible things in our community. The Cambodia Town Mural Project artists were recognized for their commitment to making Long Beach more joyful, while encouraging civic pride and supporting The Arts Council’s mission. The artist group includes Federico Laguerder, Angela Willcocks, Bodeck Hernandez, Zeinab (ZYNB), Jason Keam, Rick Vilchis, Tracy Negrete, Jose Martinez, and Sayon Syprasoeuth.

Mayor Robert Garcia honored many other community leaders which include Arts Council grantees and community partners.

Awardees: Judy Seal, Cory Allen, Mia Farrow, LaDawn Best, Diko Melkonian, Charlie Beirne, Gabe Middleton, Susana Sngiem, Arline and Dr. Mike Walter, Danita Humphrey, Jane Roeder, Lionel Gonzalez, Naida Tushnet, Daryl James, Carolyn Smith-Watts, Dharma Shakti, Dolores Nason, Andy Kerr, Sarah Soriano, Janet McCarthy, Tony Dorono, Katie Rispoli Keaotamai, Rev. O. Leon Wood, Jr., Jewels, and Tim Patton

Congratulations to all of these amazing Long Beach leaders and activists!