The biggest fundraising campaign for our nonprofit, Long Beach Gives, is happening on September 21, 2023 with early giving beginning September 14, 2023. We are very grateful for your support in the past, and hope that you will be interested again this year. 

Ensure the future of the arts.

The decline of arts education in California and recent writer’s/actor’s strikes demonstrate that there is a current and urgent need to uplift the arts and artists. Help ensure the future of the arts by contributing to our $30,000 fundraising goal that will aid implementation of public arts projects and arts education programs. With more public art, we give a voice to the community. With arts education, we nurture the creative spark in people that can be used to empower, heal, and bring joy into others’ lives. In doing so, we take steps towards repositioning the arts as essential and beneficial to society, not optional. 

Some examples of our ongoing programs: 

  • Eye on Design: A 15 week public art education program that encourages civic involvement, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving, culminating in a public art piece created by the students for their respective schools
  • Creative Corps: Partnering 35 organizations with artists based in LA and Orange County together to collaborate on public art pieces that reflects the heart of their diverse communities 
  • Rainbow Heroes: A public and interactive mural project informed by open conversations with LB residents that memorializes the LGBTQ elders from Long Beach, effectively educating and empowering the community

We would love it if you would take a moment to visit our Long Beach Gives fundraising page and donate to our biggest fundraising campaign of the year. It helps fuel so much of what we do here and within the community.

Visit our Long Beach Gives fundraising page by using this link here.

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All day on Thursday, September 21st, at the 4th St. location, if you mention the Arts Council for Long Beach, Lola’s will donate 10% of your purchase to help us raise funds and support the Arts in Long Beach! RSVP here: Eventbrite

Join us for an exciting art-filled day at Studio One Eleven in Long Beach, CA. Get ready to explore the vibrant world of art as we take you on a tour of our studio. Discover the work the Studio does in the city and see their incredible space with lots of great art. $30 to attend, all proceeds go to the Arts Council for Long Beach Gives. RSVP here: Eventbrite

Thank you to Studio 111 for your generous support!